The Journey Begins

OKAY! Since my last post, I’ve gotten a lot done! 🙂 All my flights are paid for, I’ve pre-booked accommodation in ten different countries up until January 9th, and my single 55-liter travel backpack is pretty much ready to go. In just a few hours, I’ll be heading to Dallas Lovefield to finally embark on […]

Why “Comrade Brad”?

Coming up with a website name isn’t easy. At first, I registered my new site under the domain “”, as it mirrored my email address ( and I figured it would be simple enough to remember. This was the opening header that I originally designed: I let that stew for about a day or two, but it […]

New Beginnings

“Excellent, actually! I quit my job, temporarily moved in with my mom, and I’m going to travel through Asia & Australia for two & a half months.” When friends and family ask how I’m doing, this is what I’ve found myself telling people for the last couple weeks. Not exactly my typical response! 😆 A little […]