the Ukrainian techno outlier going against the grain

“I trust our people,” Nastia said. Sharp and with a dry sense of humour, she spoke with a constant twinkle in her eye. “They’re so educated. So cool. So open-minded. They don’t want you to play normal; they want you to play freaky and crazy and weird. I appreciate it. That’s where I’m real. Maximum me.”


These pair of quotes come from this fantastic Resident Advisor article, which I found to be a really great insight into the talented Nastia’s intriguing life as a DJ in Ukraine.


“My favourite thing to do is to play dubstep or experimental tracks and watch people’s reactions. They just stand and stare. Some of them I’m sure are thinking, ‘What is this bullshit?’ Some are probably like, ‘Wow I never heard something like this.’ I’m curious to see the faces, they change. Because if you play functional music, they talk to each other, they’re having a normal party, but then you drop something weird and you get attention. It might be bad attention. But still you need to be strong, stronger than the audience to overcome the pressure from the dance floor and say, ‘No guys, you gonna listen to this right now.’ Otherwise I don’t understand what I’m doing here.”


She considers herself more of a true DJ than a producer, mixing everything from minimal to drum & bass to industrial techno with ease. Here’s that exact kind of set that made me fall in love with her unique style: