Brad with mask on

a new decade

Hey there, friends! 👋 It’s been too long since I actually sat down to craft a decent blog…

Brad being pensive

breaking the silence

Yikes — I can hardly believe it’s been over two years since my last post. clearly, this blog…

The Golden Gate Bridge

California Dreamin’

Wow, have I been procrastinating on writing this post! ? “But Brad, why?” might you ask? Well, it’s true that…

beautiful code

The Imposter Syndrome

Oh don’t even worry about it, finding a job will be SO easy — anyone would be lucky…

Return to Reality

Return to Reality

Hello world! I’m back, safe & sound at home in trusty ol’ Texas. I only arrived home a little…


Grief in the Reef

​It’s been a fun, exciting and interesting last few weeks visiting Bali, Australia, KL, and Singapore… minus accidentally…


Snafu in Kota Kinabalu

I had a fun and exciting five day trip to the Malaysian state of Sabah… besides getting sunburnt,…


Brunei — A Home Away from Home

It’s the last day of my two week journey on the island of Borneo, and I’ve felt like I’ve done…


Hong Kong, the Pearl of the Orient

Hong Kong… what a city! 😯 Although I only had two and a half days there, I sincerely…


The Journey Begins

OKAY! Since my last post, I’ve gotten a lot done! 🙂 All my flights are paid for, I’ve…

This blog used to be just about my travels, but I’ve got a few more ideas in mind for 2020. Stay tuned, friends! ✌


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