Travel Dates


November 6 (Sun)plane-travel-flight-tourism-travel-icon-png-10

Flight leaves Dallas, Texas at 6:35pm


November 8 (Tue)

Arrive in Hong Kong, China at 6:55am


November 11 (Fri)

Arrive in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei at 10:50am


November 24 (Fri)

Arrive in Bali, Indonesia at 11:30pm


December 4 (Sun)

Arrive in Sydney, Australia at 9:20am

December 6 (Tue)

Arrive in Cairns, Australia at 9:30am

December 9 (Fri)

Arrive in Melbourne, Australia at 9:55am


December 13 (Tue)

Arrive in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at 6:40am


December 14 (Fri)

Arrive in Singapore, Singapore at 10:15am


December 18 (Sun)

Arrive in Bangkok, Thailand at 6:35pm

December 21 (Tue)

Take the sleeper train to Chiang Mai, Thailand


December 25 (Sun)

Arrive in Siem Reap, Cambodia at 9pm


December 30 (Fri)

Arrive in Tokyo, Japan at 10:30pm



January 9 (Mon)

Take the bullet train to Kyoto, Japan

January 14 (Sat)

Take public transit to Nara, Japan

January 15 (Sun)

Take public transit to Osaka, Japan


January 18 (Wed)

Arrive in Seoul, South Korea at 2:45pm


January 23 (Mon)

Arrive in Taipei, Taiwan at 12:25am


January 26 (Thur)

Arrive back home in DFW… finally! 😛